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This site was created by two retro gaming/computer enthusiasts from Delaware USA that found it difficult to find information of retro systems in the United States.  Much of the information on how to update your retro systems did not exactly apply as it was written for European systems and issues unique to European retro gaming.

Many of the items available on the Internet via searches are only shipped from Europe with costly shipping expenses and prices converted from foreign currency.  We found out there are people right here in the US with solutions and items available in US dollars.  Also these dealers are often struggling to get their product in front of the people that want these items. 

We saw the need for a leading US site that could provide the one stop experience for all your vintage retro gaming and computing needs.  Our site welcomes members from anywhere in the world, but our goal is to provide real answers and great deals to retro enthusiasts in the United States and become America's Retro Gaming/Computing Site.